VVA Membership Transfer Form

  • Transferring To:

  • Transferring From:


Note: The Chapter that the individual Member is transferring from should remove the individual’s DD-214 from their files and mail it to the new ‘transferring to’ Chapter or State.

Member Transfer Processing Instructions:

(1) Member transfers may be initiated by a member or by invitation from a representative from a chapter or state council.

(2) Two signatures are required. Both the transferring member and membership chair (or other designated official) from the Chapter or State Council that a member is ‘transferring to’ must sign the completed Member Transfer Form. 

(3) The membership chair from the new ‘transferring to’ Chapter should forward the New State Council copy of the Member Transfer Form to their state to advise them of the transfer. The National and Former Chapter copies should be sent to the National Membership Affairs Office. 

(4) The National Data Base will be updated and a replacement Member Card will be sent to the member. 

(5) The National Membership Dept. will forward a copy of the Member Transfer Form to the former Chapter to advise them of the transfer.